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How to setup Two Factor Authentication

Enabling Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your NetOnePlus.com hosted email is highly recommended. The 2FA provides an extra layer of security to your email account and can drastically minimize the chances of illegal access (even if your password is “hacked”).

To Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA), use the following steps:

Step 1: Log into your web mail server.
Step 2 : Go to settings (gear icon).
Gear / settings available only with logged into your webmail account.
Step 3: Scroll down to 2-Step Authentication Option
Step 4 : Within the Two-Step Authentication panel

Within the Two-Step Authentication panel, you have three options of EnableForced and Disable. Click the Enable button options and click the Save button in the top-left.

  • If your domain admin has chosen the “Enabled” option, each of your users will need to log in to enable it by:
  • Click on the Settings icon (gear) at the top of your screen 
  • Ensure you’re on the Account tab on the left-hand side 
  • Within the Two-Step Authentication panel, click the Enable button.
Step 5: Choose verification method

Once you have done enable the Two-Step Authentication, you may need to choose verification method in order to pass the authentication.

Verification method:

  • Recovery Email Address: This will send a verification code to the recovery email address you have on file. Note: If you didn’t receive the verification code in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder. 
Step 6 : Click Next and enter in the verification code that sent to you and click Login.

You will now be prompted to input the new verification code whenever you log into webmail.
You will also need to change the password in your email clients (e.g., Outlook, Android, iPhone, etc.) to your 2FA password, which can be located in Settings > Account > 2-Step Authentication.

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